Collectors’ Items

Travelling means different things to different people: it could be a family holiday, that rare break away from work or for some it’s a way of life.I find myself either travelling alone or with friends more. So for me I like to buy a touristy t-shirt whenever I hit up a new country, that way whenever I return home I can look at my collection and decide where I want to go next. Whenever I wear the t-shirts I have a physical reminder of where I’ve been, the memories attached to those places and not least the people. Also if you have trouble coming up with witty captions for all your pictures or don’t have the patience for it, your t-shirt says it all!

Personally, I hate shopping for clothes but finding that perfect tee is essential for me because it carries so much. For example my green Cali t-shirt is perfect because Cali is a term used by non-Californians and I like to annoy my Cali friends with it!  My Hong Kong t-shirt is a reminder of that time right at the beginning of the night markets in Mong Kok where I was first ripped off and realised if you didn’t haggle you were going to be easy prey for the vendors! My China t-shirt was a group designed t-shirt for a university trip to visit our sister university in Guangzhou where we spent 3 weeks makings new friends, volunteering in the community and learning Mandarin.

With phones and camera memory growing in size, we sometimes forget to back up our photos, or we lose them whilst packing to head off to the airport or they get water damaged. So sometimes we can lose all the amazing photos/videos of that hard earned trip to Portugal or that time you went camping in the desert in California. That’s why for me t-shirts will always be the best memory holders.The colours, the material and the print will jog all those memories and in a way make it more personal for you because unless someone asks you, they will only know you’ve been to South Korea or Italy but won’t know what those countries truly mean to you.

What do you like to collect when travelling?



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