Vancouver Part 2!

Hello, hello! Thank you again for reading my posts or if this is your first time here then welcome!

Now this is the second part detailing my Vancouver trip and I’ll continue my love story for this city!

Queen Elizabeth Park – is a beautiful park, known for its gardens and open green spaces for people to lounge, picnic and play. This park is not only beautiful to walk through but because of the height, it gives great views of Vancouver and yes those mountains! When I went not many flowers were in bloom but there were plenty of roses around. The vibrant green of foliage and the hidden waterfalls make this place a gem to hang out in.  

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Pictures won’t do it justice!
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Mount Baker – This guy is in the US!
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Pretty in pink, rose

Richmond Night Market – Richmond is an area of Vancouver where all the Asian marts are as well as a huge shopping complex, there are a few Korean beauty shops popping up in there too! However, the night market is one place to definitely check out, there are two but try and find the one with the dinosaurs! What? Pictures to follow haha here is a big space dedicated to all the Asian merchandise, house cleaning, tech, tarot reading, arcades and most importantly food stalls! It costs $3.25/50 to get in and there will be two entrances, one where you queue up regularly and the other is a fast pass entrance, where if you pay more you can enter straightaway but I wouldn’t bother with that. Despite the normal entrance line being pretty long it was quick moving so I would save your cash for all the goodies inside. Oh yeah take cash – a good amount into the market, as the main attraction is the glorious amount of food you can buy! There was everything from bubble tea, dumplings, watermelon smoothies served in a whole watermelon, barbequed seafood, liquid nitrogen yoghurts, noodles, curries…yep everything! For prices I found the cheapest things be around $4.50 ranging up till about $10 but everything is priced up. I was with a friend so we shared one treat at a time to split the cost and to ensure we wouldn’t get full too quickly!  My friend also told me if you go to the market after 10 pm the prices drop because the merchants need to sell everything by the end of the day but we went around 7 pm which was optimal dinner time and the sun was just setting so we got to see the day and night version of the market!

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Bunting galore!
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I think we’re going to need a bigger cage!

White Rock Beach – What I really like about Vancouver is that it’s literally split up into various other parts and each part is unique with its own vibe. White Rock is no exception, my friend works here and said it’s basically the retirement part of Vancouver and driving by the huge houses and fancy apartments with those oh so nice cars I can see why. It’s not only a great place to grow old but it has its own beach with lots of cafes and restaurants looking out over the water – there’s definitely a theme with this city haha. One thing I was surprised to see was the abundance of Fish and Chips you can get everywhere and as a Scot this is always a welcoming sight! I think White Rock was the first beach I came to in Vancouver and most of it is full of rocks rather than sand but maybe I should’ve guessed from the name! However, if you walk down far enough you can find sandy patches which makes it easier to wade in! The water is warm and the air is full of happy chatter from people speaking various languages, playing different games or protecting their Fish and Chips from the seagulls! So it wasn’t a surprise when I sat with my friend, picking out shapes in the clouds that the feeling of being in the right place was tickling my heart. If you walk far enough down the beach, you’ll come to the pier and here you can find boats to take you out whale watching! As there is a lot of coast around there are lots of different places that offer whale watching, I wasn’t able to go this time but if you do go or have went I’d love to hear how it was! Also by the pier is a massive white rock that the whole place is named after haha!

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White Rock Pier
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White Rock beach in all of its glory!

Going from one great sea spot to another, Steveston Habour, this harbour is home to a whole lot of boats so you can see why if you live in Vancouver it’s absolutely essential to own at least 10 boats with all this water so close by! Here you can walk down the dock and go from boat to boat buying the freshest catch of the day, the sweetest ice cream, more fish and chips and another place to go whale watching! The harbour is proud of its Orcas (Killer Whales) as you’ll see pictures, signs and carvings of them everywhere, which makes me sad I couldn’t go because Orcas are my favourite animal! Anyway, if you’re not indulging in any of that the harbour is still a super pretty place to sit and catch up with good friends! With feet dangling over the pier, I even spotted a seal idly swimming at the surface of the water and the sun is a beautiful orange off to my right. It’s sights like these that make it easy to fall in love with a place, my friend even bought me ice cream so that’s me sold really haha.

Sorry I only have selfies of me at Steveston Harbour haha but give it a Google and you’ll see what I was talking about! That’s it for my adventures in Vancouver but the next post will be on the food, besides fish and chips that you can get all over the city.

Thank you for taking a trip with A Scot, A Broad  and I hope to see you on my other travels!


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