The Thrills & Spills of Toronto!

This post is dedicated to the activities that really made my time in Toronto stand out and if you could do at least 2 of them then I know your memories of this place will always put a big smile on your face!

First up is Canada’s Wonderland (1 Canadas Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6, Canada). This is a 330 acre wide theme park with some gigantic roller coasters! My friend and I hit up the theme park on the first day it opened for summer which was like May 17th so technically it was still cold but it was a Tuesday. So we were hoping that would mean there would be less people; and we were right! Even though the air can be chilly in Toronto, it was a clear day so the sun was free to heat everything up so it wasn’t long until our jumpers were tied around our waists instead! The park has it’s own thrill ranking for each ride but it didn’t seem quite right as some rides had the same ranking as the two biggest roller coasters so clearly I had to ride everything to decide for myself! Like I said there weren’t many people around so the longest we had to wait, was for the ride to come back around! This made it supremely easy to line up for the front seats of the Behemoth and the Leviathan, the who?

The Behemoth is described as a Hyper Coaster – I’m getting giddy just thinking about it haha! This yellow steeled giant is all about the big drops, with the first and highest being 70 metres! You’ll fly around the whole thing at 125 k/h, sooo like just 3 minutes and 15 seconds, not long at all if you’re the next in line! The ride has 4 big drops and the camera for your picture is a little after the last drop so make sure you’ve got your pose ready to go! Since there were no lines I rode this a total of 4 times and once by myself because my friend was too tired – weak.

Processed with VSCO
Behold the Behemoth!

On the opposite side of the park and the first roller coaster you’ll see as you enter the park is the Leviathan, the reason you’ll see it first is because it’s so long, half of it is actually outside of the park itself! This green machine has even more impressive stats than its yellow cousin. The first and biggest drop on this is 93.27 metres!! The ride speed is a whopping 148 k/h and you’ll be on this for a total of 3 minutes and 28 seconds! I also rode this beast 4 times and preferred this over the Behemoth but my friend liked the Behemoth best but whichever one you like the most, I’m sure you’ll agree both are a must ride and will give you crazy hair once you’ve come off!

Processed with VSCO
So much fuuuun~~

The park also has every other kind of ride under the sun if you’re not into roller coasters but overall the roller coasters were my favourite! For more info on other rides and the park check out their website: Canada’s Wonderland if you do decide to come here make sure you buy your tickets online for more discounts!  Also for this post I’m going to implement my own funsie scale from 1-5 so Canada’s Wonderland you get a 4 from me!

Whilst I was in Toronto it was going to be my 24th birthday and my last 2 birthdays I had spent in Seoul, South Korea so I had to find something to rival that! So this activity was booked for my birthday because nothing says happy birthday more than standing on the edge of a tower! – Eh…what now? The CN Tower (301 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6, Canada) is a landmark standing around 553 metres – can anyone tell I like being high up?

Processed with VSCO
Yup that’s tall!

The tower has glass floors, a revolving restaurant and 360 views of Toronto but the best part is that you can pay to do the Edge Walk – where you walk 150 metres outside and around the observation deck at 356 metres…oh and there’s no handrails haha! It’ll cost you $195 for the experience but along with that you get 2 photos, a certificate and a DVD of your walk included! To check out it out for yourself click here! My friend also noped out of this one too, yes on my birthday! So I did this solo and had the thrill of being the first in my group to step out onto the metal platform high in the sky with 2, albeit thick, ropes to secure my life! During the walk your instructor will show and guide you on how to do some activities on the edge of the platform. For example getting you comfortable by putting your toes over the edge and yelling out “HELLO TORONTO” to walking backwards to the edge and leaning off, leaning forward facing off of the platform in super hero poses as well as taking pictures of you wibbling and wobbling around to ensure you get that amazing new Facebook profile picture – yaaasss.

Also to ease your nerves, if you have them :P, there are cameras all along the platform so that everyone inside of the observation deck can watch you inching over the edge and the aquarium full of sharks is directly under you so…no pressure! What makes this experience memorable for me is that our instructor got the 6 of us to lean off of the edge backwards together and sing happy birthday! What more could a girl ask for! Haha the whole experience lasts around 1 hour 30 mins so it was a nice warm up to the start of my birthday! On my funsie scale I give the CN Tower Edge Walk a 3 because it was great to do but once you get over the first time hanging off of the edge it was easy to relax and just enjoy the views! – I’m crazy yes I know haha.

Processed with VSCO
I’ll just casually lean back…

Before coming to Toronto I knew there was one thing that I had to do whilst I was here – visit Niagara Falls. I didn’t realise before coming that it wasn’t all one waterfall but multiple, with an American side and the more familiar horseshoe shaped side being Canada’s. Looking at the falls is better on the Canadian side because you can see all the falls whereas on the US side you could only see one. The roar and constant mist emanating from the falls was incredible and I couldn’t quite believe I was there, looking at them. As much as I told my friend I wanted to come see the falls, the reality of following plans through can be a different story so the fact I was there, looking at this wondrous sight was just amazing. If you’ve read my Vancouver posts you’ll know I felt a real connection at various points but seeing Niagara I feel was a benchmark of my travels. As Niagara is one of those things that you know about, know what it looks like and could describe it to anyone but to be able to organise a journey to see it for yourself is special. So I hope  by visiting Niagara will only push me to travel more so I can relive this feeling over and over.

Processed with VSCO
Look at it!

Being on the Canadian side you can take the Hornblower – a big boat that takes you up close and personal with both sides of the falls and straight into the ever present mist for a quick cool off! You’ll be able to buy tickets from a lot of the convenience stores as well as at the entrance for the attraction but we bought it at a store just to save time because the lines are huuuuge – but quick moving so worry not! You get complementary waterproof ponchos when embarking on the Hornblower so make sure to keep your phone and purse under it to avoid any water damage! For this, even though I wouldn’t call it thrilling in the same way as the previous activities I would give it a Funsie 4 for blowing my mind!

Processed with VSCO
Into the mist we go!
Processed with VSCO
The Hornblower!

Niagara Falls was so much bigger than I ever realised not just the falls themselves but the areas surrounding it, because one of my friends kindly drove us to this hot spot of wonder she also suggested that we check out Niagara on the Lake. Well, it wasn’t suggested nearly as much as a necessity as the aforementioned places were all planned to a certain degree beforehand but as we were driving to Niagara Falls I saw a sign. I’ll never forget it such a magnificent site. Standing tall, with background of green and letters of white – Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours. I have never heard a more appealing string of words, so turning to my friend to inquire as to what such a thing was she proceeded to tell me: it was a jet boat that takes you to get absolutely soaked as you play around in river rapids… She hesitantly asks me, “Do you want to go?” Clearly she doesn’t know me that well or at least knows me too well and was hoping my answer wasn’t going to be a OF COURSE. This one cost me $61 but oh my gosh I would do it again in a heartbeat! Literally the one of the most fun things I’ve done to date, now that may not mean much but having bungee jumped and jumped out of a plane 50 times, you have to trust me!

Processed with VSCO
Good times!

For around 1 hour and a half, you are given a full set of bright yellow waterproofs, sat in a boat with other excited people from all over and whisked away on the lakes that connect and lead to Niagara Falls. However you don’t go to the falls but it’s still pretty epic. Make sure to take a full change of clothes with you because I feel they give you the waterproofs as a challenge to show you how much they do not help. The tour starts off by showing you how fast the boat will be going – 60 mph and if you’re in the front, like me, it’s fast. Then your captain will do some cool turns to get your first taste of how wet you will become. You also get told some history of the area which is nice but I was at the front and still couldn’t hear her over the roar of the wind and the jets. However I did catch one fact: the scale for rapids goes from C1-C6, I can’t remember what the C stands for so let’s just say it means CRAZY. So C6 rapids being super crazy and unsafe to play on, we were going to experience C5 rapids and something called The Devil’s Hole

Waterproofs were utterly useless lol

Now I super excited but I completely underestimated the amount of water I was about to experience – much to my delight! Being at the front you see the rapids first and they’re choppy, foamy and fast. So there’s only one thing for it, charge right in and hold on tight! The jet boat hits the rapids causing a huge wave to slap everyone in the face, the boat is riding the current up – so up that we’re jumping out of the water for some air time! The constant bouncing of the boat just means there are gallons of water hitting you from all sides. There were points where I was holding my breath and once there was a gap releasing it to scream and laugh manically. On both sides of the lake are couples trying to enjoy romantic dates by the water and in the middle you have a bright pink boat full of people screaming and roaring – what an excellent mood setter! Those waterproofs I mentioned, yeah they’re actually filled with water, the boat is filled with water and your nose is filled with water but despite all of that I have the biggest smile and the happiest heart. I don’t even know how many times we went over those rapids but each time was just as fun and exhilarating as the first. It was the perfect way to end the day, zooming through the beautiful landscape, soaking wet and the sun setting.

Processed with VSCO

After you’ve completely changed clothes you’ll find Niagara on the Lake an amazing place with huge houses, beautiful gardens and the serene views, a hub for retired people! So if you have the time and the means, make sure you come here, even if it’s just to give you an idea of where you’d like to retire! If I was a rich girl~~ So if you haven’t guessed Niagara on the Lake/Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours  gets a full on funsie 5 from me!

I hope this post got you excited about some of the Toronto specific thrills! Let me know in the comments what you would like to try/if you have tried any of the above how was it for you?

Thank you for reading and taking a trip with A Scot, A Broad!


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