Jump into Japanese Food!

Hello and welcome to the final installment of my Japan trip, though if you haven’t seen the magic that is Tokyo or Kyoto, Nara and Osaka click on the city name you’d like to read more about and enjoy more of my 10 day trip! Now before I start, I need to apologise! Looking back at my pictures of my earlier travels it’s pretty clear that taking pictures of absolutely everything I ate only became a recent development. So look at this post as advertising some of the more out there Japanese cuisine!

So first on the menu of extremely Japanese things to try out issssssss kebabs. Wait what? Haha I know but on first arriving to Asakusa and wondering around, it was hard to pass up that deliciously inviting Kebab smell and the even more appealing Halal stamp on the sign. So for my friends who are not sure about Japan because they love meat and will find some way of putting it into meals – meat broths galore! You can take solace in the sprinkling of Turkish Kebab stands around the city!

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Ok now for a Japanese staple food! Udon noodles! Udon is the name given to the thick, wheat noodles found in hot soups, it’s white in colour and offers more to chew than it’s thinner counter parts. Probably because it was cheap, delicious and fit with my dietary needs I ate udon for pretty much the entirety of the trip. When in Japan you’ll realise pretty quick that everything is expensive so when you can get a hearty meal for 500 yen – sometimes from a vending machine – it’s easy to grab a bowl any time you’re hungry. However you can change it up by having an array of Tempura Battered Vegetables or Shrimp/Prawns on the side to have something crunchy with your hot soup! In terms of location, udon was delicious to have in all of the cities! Though in Nara there was a cute restaurant hidden away within the national park that was great to stop by at but that mostly for the ambiance!

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Themed Food! In Tokyo I went to a few anime hot spots, namely J-World and to the visit the giant Gundam so here are some of the food and drinks that are on offer when you go to these places. Their attention to detail is incredible! Though this was back in 2013 where it wasn’t as well known that this kind of food art was achieved but perhaps there has been a rising trend since! Not only are themed foods an eye catcher, it seems as though many desserts share the same cutesy designs, making desserts a very big part of my Japan tour. Haha udon and desserts sounds good to me!

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Ok, so for people interested in tea or more importantly, green tea – Kyoto is known for selling Green Tea KitKats! As soon as we got off the bullet train in Kyoto there were boxes of the sweets piled high in every stall and shop we passed. They can be a bit pricey but they are difficult to find outside of Japan so a little self indulgence is allowed here! The green tea gives the KitKat a light green appearance but a smooth and creamy taste to go along with the chocolate and wafer crunch. So for me, I would say this is a must try!

Another food that should be on your list to try is Okonomiyaki – which is basically a grilled, savoury pancake with toppings/fillings of your choice! The name kind of translates into ‘How you like/What you like’ so you can make this dish to suit your tastes! Which is great because you can make it veggie friendly! In mine I had all the veggies I could, packed on the inside and fresh spring onions on top – combine this with soy sauce and it was a winner!

I realise I don’t have a picture of the obvious food of Japan: sushi! But that was mostly because it was pretty expensive and we underestimated the cost of just travelling within the country. So I will leave it up to you to find the delicious sushi and let me know how it tastes! Another thing to check out is actually McDonald’s because they have a very Japanese menu that’s pretty interesting – a lot of squid ink! And my friend bought a kid’s meal because it came with an awesome Pokemon calendar so if you’re a bargain hunter have a look and see what you find!

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the delicious food on offer in Japan and had a glimpse of some of the weirder foods to try too! That concludes my series on Japan, as always I’d love to hear about your own Japanese experience in the comments below and hear about what foods you enjoyed! Thank you for taking a trip with A Scot Abroad and I hope to see you on the next journey!


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